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Retrogames - landing page design

Retrogames contacted me with a definite goal in mind. Unsatisfied with their older landing page, they wanted a newly designed landing page for their new campaign. Their team discussed the details of this campaign, their target audience, and the service that they were offering to the viewers. The clarity of their vision and our communication helped decide my approach to the design.



 My goal was to create a high-converting landing page for my clients where users would gain access to the free Retro Games download pack by putting in their email address. The main target was retro game lovers, so nostalgia was crucial in this design.



Design Details

 For a successful campaign, Retro Games needed graphics that would instantly entice users. The retro game elements like pixelated style, the game boy, popular retro games like World of Worms, Maze Runner, and Barbarian, and the yellow tapes create a harmonious and attractive visual. 

 “Your Favourite C64 Games to Download for Free” is a straightto-tthe point headline that highlights the value of the offer. The graphics, headlines, and subheadings provide additional information. The audience gets the necessary context at first glance without scrolling.



Upon scrolling, the visual journey continues. The copy and the graphics again focus on the nostalgic aspect of it. The copy directly addresses nostalgic retro game lovers, offering them a moment from the past. 

 There’s a dedicated section for all the games, like Barbaric, Wizard of War, Maze Runner, Pole Posit, and UGH! It lets users check out the enormous quantity of the bundle.


For the special offer to win a Game Boy, I added a special element, a ticket. It brings an old-school charm to the interface.

 The final section contains client testimonials that show the user’s perspective on the exciting benefits of this offer.




 The clear and concise vision and the exciting nature of the project motivated me to deliver the best design for the landing page. The final landing page is eye-catching, engaging, and evokes a sense of nostalgia. This project was delivered within 3 days, and due to the clear communication carried out throughout the process, it didn’t require any additional changes.

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