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ArangoDB - Home page redesign


ArangoDB is a multi-model database management system that supports various data models. Their previous website was a lot text-heavy, and the overall look lacked the element of freshness. Their team reached out to me to discuss the crucial details of this redesign project. 



The goal for this redesign was to create an excellent user experience for the tech-savvy user base of ArangoDB. The website needed a cleaner, modern, and organized interface that could give users a smooth navigation experience. So, I designed a few mock-ups using ArangoDB’s own resources and created designs that showcase their excellent work and achievements.



Designing Success:

The key factors of this successful redesign project can be brought down to a few simple things. 

 Data Visualization: Using their own data, graphs, and charts, I created a success story. The graphs and charts now look cleaner and deliver information easily to the users. 



Navigation: The new design guides users easily through the website and creates an overall better experience. 

 Color scheme: I took the green and white color scheme and made a new design that reflects trust and stability. It makes the experience not only cleaner and more efficient but also visually pleasing. 

 Responsive design: The responsive design makes the website fit for all screens.



The end result, the ArangoDB website homepage, stands out as a space for users where they can easily navigate through complex data, thanks to Arango's excellent service and wonderful achievements. This design is made for ArangoDB users. 




This project was delivered the very next day. After a few changes, I ensured that the client got 100% satisfaction from the design. The key here was transparency and good communication, which helped me get the best results for my clients. 

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