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Bonus Life Studio


Bonus Life Studio’s offers historic places to their clients, event producers and creators, who want their event to be set in a place of rich history. They hired me to design their website. During the initial discussion, we decided that their website needed to bring out the elegance of their landmarks while meeting the demands of modern event hosting.


Project Overview

The goal of this project was to show the Historical venues of Bonus Life Studio’s by creating an immersive user experience. I wanted to design a website that would transfer the user briefly to their perfect venues. I showed the team of Bonus Life Studios a few demos and let them decide the best course for this project.



Design Philosophy

“Our Space, Your Imagination” — this simple line was my guiding design philosophy.

I used a minimalist black and white palette to guide the viewer’s eyes to the rich, grand images of the actual landmarks. For the best user experience, the navigation had to be seamless. The viewers should feel as if they are taking a stroll through the venues.



Execution & Result

I used high quality images and a user centric layout to create an immersive experience. Using sections like "Lower East Side Grandeur" and "A Ballroom Secreted with a Leafy Courtyard," I captured the perfect atmosphere of the landmarks. The contrasting typography adds to the overall aesthetics of the design. The responsive style maintains this intensity of experience on every screen. The end result was an immersive, visually stunning platform that reflects the beauty and elegance of the venues.

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