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Lemonzz, as a brand, is passionate about visual design, branding and storytelling. They wanted to create an ad campaign for the new and exciting OASIS Exhibition, a 3D NFT art collection that allows users to bid on these works and buy them. They needed an experienced UI/UX designer for their landing page. During the free one-to-one consultation, we discussed the requirements. It was decided that I would create a visually magnificent landing page that would attract users to their new exhibition.



For this project, the inspiration had to be something majestic and visually stunning that could match the brand’s vision of their ideal landing page. Bold and new was the theme and we considered leading designs like the galleries and slideshows on Awwwards or Gucci’s vault.

Like every project, I showed the clients a few demos from which they chose one sample which became the final design. There are a few things that stand out, particularly in this design.


Desktop and Mobile Synergy

The responsive design style adapts to every screen size and ensures high-quality user experience. It helps the users feel at ease while interacting with the landing page.


Interactive Experience

To make the design as interactive and engaging as possible I included the toggle feature that lets them control their own experience. The layout has two options: grid and carousel. The first one gives it a clean structure and the second one tells a visual story, highlighting each artwork as a chapter.


Engagement through Design

Strategically using depth and animation to showcase each artwork has made the experience engaging and artistic.


Call To Action

The call to action button inviting viewers to create their own 3D character is subtly included to invite the users to engage without interrupting them.

The project was special as it involved including the creative aspect of NFTs in the design. The toggle feature and responsive design helped with the visual storytelling created by the artworks.

In designing the Landing page for Lemonzz– I got to explore how form and function, art and audience meet and create something beautiful.

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