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StarTex Solar


StarTex Solar reached out to me to design a website that reflects their dedicated work for providing clean energy solutions. They wanted me to design a website that reflects the sustainability and innovation of their solar energy technology.


The Challenge

StarTex Solar wanted a website design that connected its users to their mission of providing clean, sustainable energy. Their website needed interactive, engaging elements so the important information could be made interesting to the users and easy to scan through.

My Approach

I offered them a few demos to choose from and we decided on a design that best reflected their brand. I incorporated natural elements to create an engaging website. The layout is kept clean and open like the clear sky. The warm sun and earthy toned color schemes reflect the dawn, representing new beginnings and clean energy.



The final design tells the story of StarTex Solar’s mission and connects them to their users. The user-friendly interface, detailed service breakdown, and interactive map easily deliver their message and mission to the viewers. The fully responsive design makes sure that they reaches every user easily.


My design has made a noticeable impact on StarTex Solar. There’s been an increase in website traffic and user engagement. They have received a significant number of service inquiries as well.

If you need the perfect website that delivers the best user experience while maintaining your brand image, feel free to contact me.